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Metro Controls uses the most advanced graphical programming software in the industry. Our engineering time is now a fraction when comparing the time using line by line programming.  This translates to cost savings we pass on to our customers. In addition, we train end users to diagnose problems and run real-time or simulated operational data, ensuring peak performance of their HVAC System.

Our engineered control drawings provide a complete and easy to understand layout of the system.  Click here to see a sample of our typical submittal drawing.


Our installers are experienced in the intricacies of the various communication networks and our staff is accustomed to working with the IT Departments of many sophisticated clients. Our Installation Team is made up of Journeymen Electricians, Limited Energy Technicians, and Commissioning Technicians. Metro Controls has (4) ISA/EPRI Certified Instrument Technicians and (2) Cisco CCNA Trained technicians.


Customer training through our WebCTRL workshops are provided monthly at no charge to WebCTRL System owners. Our workshops provide our clients with the understanding of the robust features they have at their fingertips. Like most commercial software applications, many of the rich features of the systems are not always utilized. Our customers have the opportunity to learn about the full power of their systems and to interact with other clients and share best practices.

Automated Logic’s WebCTRL is a premier building automation system, offers an intuitive user interface and powerful control features. WebCTRL can be accessed from anywhere in the world using any major browser, without the need for client software on the workstation.

Through a browser you can access all building management functions including:

  • Setting and changing schedules
  • Adjusting setpoints and other control properties
  • Graphically trending important building conditions
  • Viewing and acknowledging alarms
  • Running preconfigured and custom reports
  • Energy usage, occupant overrides, tenant billing

WebCTRL offers a wealth of other standard operating features, some of which include:

  • Thermographic Color Floor Plans – convey a quick understanding of facility-wide comfort and operating conditions
  • Time Lapse Graphics – easily review how the facility has performed by simply rolling back in time and watching a playback. It’s as easy as using a DVR!
  • Hierarchical and Group Scheduling – supports customized, graphically displayed schedules for building, floors, zones or equipment groups to flexibly manage energy use
  • Trending – enables operators to track and troubleshoot building conditions
  • Logging/Reporting – extracts and formats operating data from a browser to Acrobat®, Excel® and other applications with a single click
  • Logical Alarming – generates alarms and notifies users following a specified sequence of events
  • Integration to Lighting Controls, Utility Meters, Fire Alarm Systems


Tridium is a worldwide leader in building automation software and is the developer of the Niagara Framework. Niagara can communicate and translates data from almost any device and system and allows it to be served up to a Building Automation System with advanced graphical interface.

Niagara 4 is the latest software offering from Tridium with nearly one million instances of Niagara in hundreds of thousands of projects around the world. Niagara 4 can interface with multivendor devices and systems with their respective communication protocols and normalize it under the umbrella of the Niagara Framework. This makes Tridium an ideal choice for integration projects.

Tridium uses the JACE 8000 supervisory controller. It is optimized for Niagara 4 and can communicate with new and legacy systems. It can also be configured to act as the Building Automation interface with advanced graphics that can be accessed via an internet browser.

For larger projects that have multiple JACE’s spread out geographically, a Niagara Supervisor host server will allow you to have visibility and control across a campus, school district or municipalities.

HVAC Mechanical Services

In addition to support of the Building Management Systems, many of our customers request Metro Controls to provide service and maintenance of the entire HVAC system. Our HVAC Service Technicians specialize in keeping the mechanical equipment in proper working order. We often know a problem has occurred before our customers do with our Web based monitoring and email alerts of alarm conditions sent to our office. Additionally, our service department can diagnose the nature of the issues and quite often, assist the end user to resolve the problem without sending a technician to the site..


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